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The Lässer adventure in America began in Wiemar, Kingdom of Saxony in about 1833 when Herr and Frau Lässer gave birth to a son and named him Johan Casper. Herr & Frau Lässer history has eluded me even after spending a week in Weimar searching databases. Johan Casper, by then a tailor, in 1850 made his way to LeHarve where he boarded the barque Hiram sailing for New York and arriving in that port June 3. I lost track of him between his arrival and 1856 when he showed again in Buffalo NY. He apparently met a young lady named Regina Bobbele, where I am not sure. By this time he was using the english spelling of John Casper Laesser. He became a painting and decorating contractor. He and Regina were wed (I guess) and started a family, Bertha 1856, Mary 1857, William 1861, Caroline 1862, Edward 1864, Emille 1866, Rudolf 1868, John M 1869, Paul 1870, and Regina 1874. Both Rudolph and Paul would die in their childhood. William would somehow make his way to Windsor Ontario where he met his bride Ida Mary Brown, born in NYC, and begin their family, residing at times in both Windsor and Buffalo and somewhere between 1891 and 1895 make their permanent residence in Windsor where he also became a successful painting and decorating contractor. The rest of John Casper's family remained in Buffalo except Emile who married Henry Uhrhan and they ultimately ended up in Hollywood California. Johm M. had a son Herbert who's family also migrated south to Florida and Ohio. The rest is now history

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